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"NEw Deal and Depression"
NEw Deal and Depression
Tricia F. Doyle
The goal of my essay is to discuss the effects of the New Deal on the American people. It will show how the revolutionary program proposed by FDR helped improve the lives of citizens. It will also show the effects of the New Deal on immigrants, minorities, and women. Also, it shows how it ended the Depression by improving the economy and some of the controversies surrounding the program.

Blacks were having an extremely hard time in America because they were not getting decent or any jobs at all. "Many northern businesses refused to hire blacks; two thirds of Manhattan's hotels had no African American employees." (Student Resource Center) "There was a high rate of unemployment, the lack of stable jobs, and low wages made it impossible for black husbands to support their families."(STUDENT RESOURCE) "Even if a black was qualified for a top job, the boss would give the job to someone who was white yet unqualified for the work." They were suffering because of racism, unemployment, and a degrading society.

Blacks also had to struggle with racism as well as a poor economy. Along with being in poverty and living in over crowded areas, blacks also had to deal with racist who felt that they did not deserve to be equal to whites. One example was by the Federal Housing Administration, who segregated housing for the poor and refused to make loans to blacks buying homes in white neighborhoods. The black codes meant that they could not vote, did not have equality in the job market, and could not use the same facilities as whites.

The New Deal had a positive effect on African Americans because the federal government helped blacks for the first time. Many blacks were put on relief and were given financial aid to help them combat the...

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