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"News in Special English on the Voice of America"
News in Special English on the Voice of America
Sylvia Schiavoni
It is twenty three hours thirty universal time and here is the news in Special English on the Voice of America. I'm Jim Tedder in Washington.

President Bush has made a short secret visit to American troops in Iraq.The trip was not announced earlier because of security concerns.White House officials had said the President would spend the Thanksgiving holiday at his Texas home.But late Wednesday Mr Bush fled to Baghdad on the presidential plane Airforce One.He shared a holiday meal with six hundred American troops and several members of the Iraqi governing council in Baghdad.President Bush reportedly left Iraq after about two hours.

The head of the Iraqi governing council now says a plan for returning self government to Iraqis should be amended.Council Chairman Jalal Talabani agreed the changes are needed after meeting with Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani in Najaf.Observers say it is very important that the country's top Shiite clergyman support the plan.After the meeting, Mr Talabani said the plan remains in place.But he said it would probably be changed to meet the clergymen's objections.He said the Ayatollah wants direct community and legislative council elections organized by Iraqis,not Americans.

Taiwan's Parliament has passed a bill permitting the island to hold votes on independences and other major issues.Part of the measure gives Taiwan's President the power to call for an independence vote if Chinese attack Taiwan.However opponents of the bill succeeded in making sure that the final version permits parliament to consider other possible issues.They will do so before asking citizens to vote.The legislators accepted the measure in Taipei.It now must be signed by Taiwanese President Chen Shuibian.

A Chinese born human rights activist has admitted to a United States court that she exported restricted technology to China.Gaojian pleaded a guilty of financial wrongdoing and exporting eighty computer devices to China without United States...

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"News in Special English on the Voice of America." Sep 22, 2018
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essay on News in Special English on the Voice of America
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