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"news paper article on a tornado (tabloid style)"
news paper article on a tornado (tabloid style)
Joel Chibota

The deadliest tornado swept through Worthing destroying dozens of lives.

The tiny town of Worthing, experienced a wipe-out early yesterday after noon.

The twister's target was Worthing High School. Chairs cupboards and tables were tossed around the room like loose sheets of paper.


Roughly one thousand students were devastated, as they witnessed their school within knee-deep of rubble.

At least 8 people died and many more were injured.

'The scene was like the makings of a giants tantrum' described the friendly flower seller Mel Shrub who witnessed the scene. Lucky for some this. This ghastly incident happened during the schools lunch break: Some were at home, some were on the field.

But as the twister charged through the school, for some there was no escape. Nearly all the building was destroyed.


"It's been a very sad and painful time for everyone. We

Cannot begin to understand the broken hearts an d the sorrowful minds, of those who have lost their young ones."

Explained all-time angry

Head teacher Mrs Fry


A tornado, a terrifying wind, which destroys everything in its path, hasn't struck in Worthing since 1963.

The violent, twisting funnel of cloud tore through the school at 12:43 yesterday.

Don't just sit there. Ring this number and do something to help the victims.(01275 962783)

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essay on news paper article on a tornado (tabloid style)
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