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"Northern Indian Classical Music"
Northern Indian Classical Music
Carlos Hernandez
Northern Indian classical music is one of the oldest forms of music to exist on this planet. North Indian classical music has such a history that it is said to have been dated back to the Vedas, which are the ancient scripts of the Hindus. It is much more than a form of entertainment; it is a defining element of Indian culture. Northern Indian music is based on sangeet, a combination of three traditional forms, including: vocal music, instrumental music, and dance. Each of these forms has developed into distinctive art forms. There are two main genres within Northern Indian Classical music, dhrupad and khayal. Dhrupad is the older of the two genres, and then there is khayal the contemporary genre, which is more popular presently.

Acting as a foundation for both of these genres are two different musical entities, melody and rhythm. Melody in Northern Indian Classical music is primarily the silence of sound and how the artist or performer manipulates the space to create the art form. Melody is also embedded in the system called raga. There is also a rhythmic foundation that is found in tala. The raga system exemplifies musical moods which frame the time of year and day which are then outputted by the musical performer.

The raga has many defining characteristics, it has to be based on ascending and descending formations of no less than five notes, the nature of each note must be definitive, the composition must have characterizing parts, the ascending and descending formation must also be definitive, and there must be an order within the notes themselves. The product of this framework allows for an easy realization of the melody within the piece of music. In an actual raga performance there are three main parts, Alap which is the first movement and is...

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