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"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Essay -"
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Essay -
Janet Valerio
Chief Bromden only begins to move towards sanity when he regains self-esteem and the ability to act upon his decisions. Discuss.

When talking about a person who is 'sane' it means they are normal. To be 'normal' is to be accepted by 'society'. Chief Bromden calls society the 'combine'. He has been institutionalised because he has been filled with self doubt his whole life and considers himself 'weak'.

To have self-esteem is to feel good about oneself. This attribute plays a huge role in Chief Bromden's life. Having a 'good' self-esteem can help a person to succeed in life, on the other hand to have a 'lack' in self-esteem can drive a person to insanity or even death. If this low level of self-esteem is recognised it may be a target that leads to abuse from others. Chief Bromden like everyone else relies on his self-esteem to maintain his sanity. And like others he has experienced a lack of self-esteem at a very young age where it is considered most important. His memories of "Columbia" showed that the people sent by the government ignored him, as they thought he was deaf and dumb. And when he did speak they didn't seem to notice. Another memory which caused his lack of self-esteem was his mother. She was not Indian, but a white woman who had dominated the Chief and his father. She was "Bigger than Papa and me together." We know the Chief is a huge man, and he describes his father as "big" as himself. This woman could not be bigger, it is physically impossible. This shows the mental hold his mother had on him and how she lowered the level of his self-esteem.

In Nurse Ratched's ward, of all the "acute" patients only Scanlon was committed. The rest of the acute patients...

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essay on One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Essay -
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