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"Organ Donation: the ignored crisis"
Organ Donation: the ignored crisis
Darren McCutchen
Max O'Connor was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis at age 7 and a half. For the next two years hopes and prayers went out for a new lung to save the young child's life. Unfortunately, like so many other cases, a suitable lung could not be found in time, and Max died at the age of 9 during the summer of 2002. Lack of organ donation has become an upsetting statistic in the United States and is progressively becoming worse. Last year over 67,000 people died waiting for organ transplants, while the total number of fatal accidents figured more than 107,000 and suicide reached almost 27,000. Several proposals have been suggested to increase the number of participants for organ donation, including 'presumed consent' legislation, a mandate effect, accepting declared brain-dead patients, or using incentives in recognition for organ donation. Presumed consent and the mandate effect are the two most widely accepted proposals in the medical field and I strongly support putting either one into effect so to increase the number of lives that could be saved.

Many foreign countries today (not including America) have what is called 'presumed consent': the assumption that every person who dies is automatically an organ donor unless otherwise stated. In his essay "We Must Have Presumed Consent" Larry Kramer fervently advocates the idea of 'Presumed Consent' for the United States. "[N]ot enough Americans," Kramer writes, "donate their organs to be used after they die. In many foreign countries, this extreme shortage does not exist because these countries (and they include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Singapore, and Spain) have…presumed consent organ collection system" (par.2). In America, you have to sign the back of your driver's license if you wish to be an organ donor, and even then, most centers still require permission from a family...

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"Organ Donation: the ignored crisis." Aug 14, 2018
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