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"organ transplants"
organ transplants
Geraint Watts
The Ethics involved in Organ Transplants

In today's society the need for organs to transplant is great. Few people question

the ethics of organ transplants. The debate is over how to fulfill the great need for healthy

organs. The transfer of organs and tissues from one body to another has become an

important issue. Surgery involving organ transplantation is one of medicines greatest

achievements. Thousands of people are given a longer life through the donation of organs.

Transplant surgery has saved many lives in the last 40 years. The demand for healthy

organs is a lot greater than the supply. This debate combines medicine with politics, ethics,

research, religion and many other matters. Many questions come up in this debate. Should

people be permitted to sell their organs? Should animals be sacrificed to save the lives of

humans? Could cloning be considered as a future source of organs? How do we get

organs, and how do we decide who will receive the implants? Could cloning be considered

as a future source of organs?

The search and transfer of organs and tissue from one body to another is an

important issue. There are always fewer donors than recipients and thats why about 5,000

people die every year while waiting for new organs. In order to receive organs everyone is

required to pay. Many poor people can't afford to go through the process. Transplants are

procedures for those with lots f money or with lots of insurance. Is it fair to let the choice

of who gets new organs to depend on social worth? Another issue is should alcoholics be

denied liver transplants. Many believe they should be denied because they could have

avoided the situation and are partly responsible for the damage. Other questions arise

when debating organ transplantation from the dead. There is controversy over when death

really occurs. Is it when the heart and lungs stop or when the brain stops...

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essay on organ transplants
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