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""Our Secret" by Susan Griffin"
"Our Secret" by Susan Griffin
Sheryl Hogges
"Our Secret"

Essay No. 2


As I read "Our Secret" it was so far reaching which made it hard to explain. "Our Secret" covered points including; Head of the Nazi police (Heinrich Himmler) concentration camps, violence, and the connection people have with personal life. The author introduced the life of Heinrich Himmler and different situations and compared them to each other. The story had a lot to do with Germany, and how the Nazi created the concentration camp's who formed a coalition. The structure of "Our Secret" was confusing because the author would talk about one thing, compare it to her life and skip to another story all together.

Heinrich Himmler was born on October 7, 1900, to a very strict Roman Roman Catholic father who was a teacher. Heinrich's father Gebhard was strict because he came from a poverty stricken family. Johann, Gebhard's father became a soldier in the army. He had gotten himself into some trouble over the years. When Gebhard was born his father was reformed and was a sergeant of the Royal Police force of Bavaria. Heinrich's father taught him the proper way to stand, walk and talk. Gebhard taught Heinrich to be very organized. As a child Heinrich kept a very organized journal of what he did everyday. His father would make him walk through the woods so he would appreciate nature, play chess to stimulate his mind, and play the piano so he would be cultured. As a boy Heinrich was not very popular at school. He was very frail due to influenza as a child.

In 1916, Heinrich was old enough to join a regiment. Heinrich served as an officer cadet in the Eleventh Bavaria regiment at the end of WW1. Germany was defeated. Heinrich felt as if he had failed. He came home with no commission...

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""Our Secret" by Susan Griffin." Jun 25, 2018
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essay on "Our Secret" by Susan Griffin
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HI, I need an essay on "Our Secret" by Susan Griffin
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