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""Our Struggle""
"Our Struggle"
Angelia Holliday
"The "Struggle" of the American Working Class is an ever increasing abyss that if not addressed will send this nation into its destruction.

In this nation today we find a government run amok. We have let unregulated capitalism take control of our every right to stand up and make a difference. Those whom have materialized at our expense should be delt with in the most severe way. Not only are they guilty of outright manipulation of our rights set forth in our Constitution, but have made it a habitual habit to take away from the working class and lay up more wealth for themselves.

I believe as our forefathers did, that if the government (in supposed representation of the people) is aiding in the destruction of its people and the forward advancement of the peoples agenda, it is the responsibility of every law abiding citizen to stand up and rebel. It is not only the right of the people but there responsibility. Did all those whom died in the Revolutionary War die in vain??

It has been my experience that morals and ethics cancel out state imposed law that transgresses the very constitutional safe guards given to the people to maintain control of a government and prevent it from becoming corrupt.

I believe the American Working Class must come together. If there is one binding garmet that holds all of us together regardless of race,creed, and nationality, it is the manipulation of our monetary system.

If were ever going to turn this runaway freight train headed for global doom and chastisement, we must look back at there very thing our forefathers stood for. Afterall, they are the ones that should be credited for this nations glory and not its destruction.

Should fate have it that America can raise up a leader not biased towards trhe marketplace...

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""Our Struggle"." Sep 22, 2018
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