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"outline for a Japan speech"
outline for a Japan speech
Margaret Rowden
Gain a curiosity and awareness about Japan and its unique culture.

Knowledge regarding the comparisons and differences of Japanese civilization

Introduction: For the duration of my analysis and study of Japan I will give details to four central points of significance throughout my speech. 1. Is Japan an individualist or collective country? 2. Whether Japan has uncertainty accepting or rejecting? 3. Is Japan an M-time or P-time culture and fourth, is Japan an implicit or explicit rule country?

Visualize yourself arriving in Tokyo off an airliner with a lone bag of luggage and cell phone asking youself why am I in Tokyo? This was an occurrence I endured when I visited my friend Caitlin during spring break this past spring. She explained to me how much fun I was going to have in Tokyo and how the culture was awkward at times, but astonishing in other aspects. That Tuesday when she was heading off to class she woke me up and said "Enjoy Tokyo, I'll call you when I am finished with class". That Tuesday morning I awakened and went immediately to the refrigerator for something to quench my thirst I grabbed a Sapporo (a type of rice beer famous in Japan), while quenching my dehydration I saw flyers for trance and house parties at a club called Code in a neighborhood called Harajuku. That night I experienced everything Tokyo had to offer and through my experiences in Japan I will decipher four central main points every tourist and local should know.

First main point: Japan is a collectivist country:

Second main point: Japan has an uncertainty accepting

A. An invitation to lunch or dinner is important in Japan. Businesspeople are not likely to accept invitations from people they do not trust.

B. When you are taken out, the host always pays, in accordance with Japanese business...

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essay on outline for a Japan speech
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