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"Outline on Police Brutality"
Outline on Police Brutality
Amy Hetzel
I A thin line is drawn between police protection and brutality

II Lethal police shootings are a subject of hot controversy

A. Thorough investigations are required, but sometimes details are ignored or over-looked

B. Strict rules govern the use of lethal force by officers, but, some of these rules leave discretion up to the officer and meaning can be skewed

C. Police are trained to "shoot to kill" therefore, media's portrayal of police officers "winging" a suspect are false and inaccurate, leading to misinformed public

D. Innocent bystanders have been injured in cross-fire

III Many cases of alleged police brutality spring from excessive force issues

A. Struggling suspects are hard to control, and police must rely on training and, quite often, brute strength to overcome suspect

B. Police officers are people, and they are subject to the same emotions as regular people, especially reactions caused by the rush of adrenaline in a fight.

C. Often in high-speed pursuits, adrenaline builds up and the police officer has no release, except on the suspect when he/she is apprehended at the end of the chase.

D. Two or three big men are often required to control an intoxicated/high suspect

IV High-speed pursuits needlessly endanger innocent lives

A. Often pursuits start over something as trivial as a traffic ticket

B. Many fatal accidents involving innocent bystanders have happened as a result of high-speed pursuits

C. Chases can be so dangerous that some states have instituted a "no-chase" policy, prohibiting officers from pursuing suspects, unless a felony has been committed

D. Even with pursuit training and driving classes, officers can still be injured or killed in accidents during pursuits

V The introduction of video cameras in police cars has cut down on cases of police brutality

A. Officers know they are on camera, and the ones that might act out of line are held in check by this fact

B. Suspects who formerly...

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