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"People's attitudes are determined more by their immediate situation or surrounding"
People's attitudes are determined more by their immediate situation or surrounding
Raymon Androckitis
There are not two similar leaves in a forest, as well as there are not two commensurate attitudes of different person even in completely the same situation. Some will appreciate while others will show disgust to avant-guard art; some will be optimistic and active in face of difficulty while others are reduced to pessimism and passivism in the same delimma. Even the same person may well make different decision when the same thing happens again. Nevertheless, we shouldn¡¯t attribute all these seemingly incompatability and sporadic attitudes merely to the influence of immediate situation. People¡¯s attitudes are actually determined by some more further internal characteristic.

In our everyday life, we can easily find abundant evidences that, no matter what the immediate situation is, people with similar personal traits are likely to show parallel attitudes and make compatable decisions. For example, in a controversial debate, those aggressive ones always stand up to present their ideas, while introvert ones keep silence and look on. When some celebrity blunders and gossips flooded all kinds of media, those sticking to ethical discipline will certainly denounce the misbehaviour, those caring the society will study the influence of it and try to prevent the public from imitation or being undermined by the impact, while those who seldom take notice of public affairs remain indifferent. Conspicuous statistical data can show it is the intrinsic personality such as ethics, values and so on that guides people in delivering their attitudes to anything happening around.

Some people may argue that, in face of emmergency, people tend to be controlled by their immediate situation rather than their internal characteristic in making decision or showing opinion. This seems to be true in that people may not have enough time to think over the issue and decide their consequently behaviour accordingly thus being manuvoured by...

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"People's attitudes are determined more by their immediate situation or surrounding." Sep 24, 2018
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essay on People's attitudes are determined more by their immediate situation or surrounding
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