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"Persuasive Essay: Literary Message for Our Time"
Persuasive Essay: Literary Message for Our Time
Helene Hannah
Pg.70 "Some two or three days later I [Rukmani] noticed a change in Kuti: his eyes lost their dullness and the whimpering that had been so harrowing to listen to lessened and stopped…

She [Ira] looked at me somberly: "feed him; he is hungry. Take the rupee you will find in my sari."

I [Rukmani] knew then that she was responsible for the improvement in Kuti, not I, not my prayers…

Nathan was groping for words, stumbling a little over them, "I will not have it said—I will not have you parading at night—."

"Tonight and tomorrow and every night, so long as there is need. I [Ira] will not hunger anymore."

"Like a harlot," he [Nathan] said, "A common strumpet."

The epigraph comes from a part of the novel, Nectar in a Sieve, where Rukmani realizes that she was not the one who had helped Kuti to get better. It was actually Ira, who had become a prostitute, that worked to receive the money she needed so that food could be bought to feed Kuti. Ira knew that her brother would die if food was not provided, and took it upon herself to get the money needed to buy food. After reading this novel and seeing the sacrifices that were made for the well-being of a family, I believe that there is a very pressing moral issue that is repeatedly revisited throughout the novel. Therefore, the moral message seems to be that although you can denounce the act, can you denounce the person?

When reading the novel, Nectar in a Sieve, there is a feeling of pity for Ira because of the deed she must do to keep her brother alive. It seems that Ira, though she knows what she's doing is wrong, is willing to do it because it will help to ensure the safety...

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