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"Persuasive speech on the harm of mobile phones "
Persuasive speech on the harm of mobile phones
Darren McCutchen
"Hello. Speaking. Uh, excuse me but please call me later. Yes. Bye!"

I'm sorry for stopping my speech. Since I've got this mobile phone, I have been very busy. Do you own one yourselves? Whether you own it or not, be careful about it, because mobile phones are a new type of "weapon". They are also a new type of "pets"! Have you heard of that? No? OK. Listen to this!

The first key word of my speech is, "weapon". You may not have recognized that mobile phones are a kind of weapon, but they attack us anytime and anywhere! They attack us in two ways; physically and mentally. First of all, mobile phones attack us physically by electromagnetic wave. Professor Hiland at Woric University said electromagnetic wave weakens our memory, concentration, and health conditions.

Secondly, they attack us mentally by "eating" our time like "pets". Yes, the next key word of my speech is, "pets". Mobile phones are a kind of pet, a very selfish pet. You have to take care of them whenever they cry. You cannot concentrate on your job or study because of them. This problem is more remarkable among young people. The only time they stop pushing the button is when they are taking the subway, where luckily they cannot use their phone. Mobile phones must be the evilest thing we have ever met.

But, wait!.Is it really true? Mobile phones must have some merits. If not, we cannot explain why more than 66% of Japanese people own one.

Now I'd like to make certain of my stance toward mobile phones. I am a member of those 66%. Yes, I support having one. I even hope all people would get mobile phones. Not "most" but "all" except babies. If all people had mobile phones, it would be very easy to...

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"Persuasive speech on the harm of mobile phones ." Aug 18, 2018
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essay on Persuasive speech on the harm of mobile phones
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Good morning, Write my essay on Persuasive speech on the harm of mobile phones
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