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"picture of dorian gray"
picture of dorian gray
Tamara Moore
How Time Periods Affect Society

In the book, The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde, society was all supposed to be the same. Individuality was not a lifestyle, or a way of life. The unique characters were looked down upon. In this time, people married and had relationships for social status and not for love. The relationships were strictly business, and if someone married below their social status they were looked down upon. This time was called the Victorian Period and existed between 1837 and 1901. (Lombardi) This period of time all revolved around the political career of Queen Victoria. Writers like Oscar Wilde spent time in custody for being unique. He was openly homosexual and strongly believed in individuality. Oscar Wilde and his writings affected few people in his time period, but readers can look back today and see how important individuality actually is.

After reading a biography on Oscar Wilde's life, one would realize that his life began and continued to compare to those of the upper classes. He had an easy life growing up and going through school, but once he started to differ from society, his life became arduous.

After Oscar received a great education from oxford, he set out to be a writer. After a slow start, he gradually was noticed. After his great success, his son turned his

back on his father, Oscar, and that started his downfall. The downfall was due to England's strict penal code. Oscar's son, Lord Alfred Douglas, referred to Wilde as a homosexual in public. This sentenced Wilde to be in jail for two years. He wrote as he was in jail, but lost interest, love, and respect from most readers, family, and friends. (Ellmann 1).

This biography showed that unique people such as homosexuals were strongly looked down upon and often punished.


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