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"Political Problems In Pakistan"
Political Problems In Pakistan
Darren McCutchen
Today Pakistan was completing 50 years of its creation. It is not a very long period in the history of nation, although a 50 year period is good enough for laying down the foundations of a nation for sustained growth in the coming year. The rapid technological changes have hastened the process of making and breaking of nations. The collapse of the Soviet Union was unreliable 50 years back. Change of tiny economics like Singapore. Korea into highly productive giants was unthinkable 50 years before. Fifty years of Pakistan also tell a story of making and breaking. Although the first 25 years can be termed as a phase of treatment and establishment with modest means wherein we had succeeded in erecting a workable economics and financial system in the country, now after 25 years the country is on the same page even the situation is getting more worst like political and economical problems.

Pakistan, with the population of 144 million and a per capital income of $440 in 2000, is an poor, heavily populated country, suffering from internal political disputes. More then 25 presidents had been already changed in 50 years but none of them did anything good in favor of Pakistan.

In Pakistan the end of the cold war had not brought on new, practical thinking on foreign policy that could make Pakistan less dependent on Western support and allow it to develop closer ties with its neighbors. After the cold war their protectorates dumped many third world countries. The U.S. or the former Soviet Union. However, Pakistan's elite has yet to fend for it. Pakistan's relations with India worsened. Since the creation of Pakistan, relation with India has dominated foreign affairs. These relations reflect a centuries old opposition between Hindus and Muslims. The reasons for the tensions today are claims...

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"Political Problems In Pakistan." May 26, 2018
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essay on Political Problems In Pakistan
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