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"Print Media, Censorship, and Citizen Kane"
Print Media, Censorship, and Citizen Kane
Veronica Gardner
Written Language has been around for centuries. Humans have had several thousand years to perfect it, to develop the various forms of expression, rebellion and information distribution. Consequently, this has offered humans who are in power the time to develop various ways to restrict, censor, and control those who actually do the writing. Today we have editors, publishers, politicians who push their money around, and the social elite who essentially control out print media. There are also a select few who go against this "social norm" and print what actually needs to be said, regardless of what some guy in a suit wants them to write.

Daniel Roche writes in his article Revolution in Print that "Before publication came a skillful exercise in censorship, applied through a policy of selective privilege that involved the prepublication inspection of manuscripts for content and the rewarding of publishers…After publication, control was further applied by the police" (3). Although the time he is referring to was 1775-1800, this same idea of censorship has applied to the earliest writings in Cana'an and Babylon, as well as the most current writings around the globe. We see it applied enormously today in newspapers, as well as in non-print media such as television. Although most newspapers claim to strive to just report the facts, and let you decide, they are more likely to print a story that favors a political candidate who is favored by the company or person that owns the newspaper because of an investment of some sort the politician has made towards the newspaper.

Throughout history, books, pamphlets, newspapers, and other print media have been a place were people could voice their opinion on subjects. When the Church and state decided that books were getting out of control, they implemented every idea they could to control it....

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"Print Media, Censorship, and Citizen Kane." Aug 20, 2018
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essay on Print Media, Censorship, and Citizen Kane
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