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"Problems with Physical Abuse in America"
Problems with Physical Abuse in America
Physical abuse is one of the biggest problems in America Today. Many different people abuse children because of a lot of different reasons. There are many different types of physical abuse, which will be discussed later. The cause of abuse is different in most all cases. Education can be the most effective way to prevent abuse. If parents took a class before they had children on how to deal with pressure and frustration the number of children being abused will drop dramatically. If abuse is caught early and stops, the effect on the child won't be as much as if it happens for a long period of time. The warning signs of abuse are important to know so you can report to the authorities if a child you know is being abused. There are also many ways to help families that abuse occurs in like family therapy or hotlines which people can call when they are having trouble. I choose to do my paper on physical abuse to educate people and to help prevent it from happening. Some types of physical abuse are really visible and some are hard to point out. Some physical indicators are a high incidence of frequent injuries like when a child is always bruised or has broken bones frequently. Bite marks, unusual bruises, lacerations, and burns are more indicators that a child is being abused. Severe swelling of the face and extremities should be reported to Human Services and the police so they can investigate and find out what really happened. If a child has fractures in unusual places that is a good sign that abuse is going on. A rare form of physical abuse is Munchausen syndrome by proxy; it is where a caretaker seeks attention by making the child sick or appears to...

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"Problems with Physical Abuse in America." Sep 25, 2018
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essay on Problems with Physical Abuse in America
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