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"Proffesors should be givin the right to say what they want"
Proffesors should be givin the right to say what they want
Shelia Olander
After reading the article about the Saint Xavier University suspending professor, Peter N. Kiresten for his reply to an e-mail I completely felt that the president, Richard A Yanikoski was in the wrong. I do not feel that the professor did any harm to the University for his Reply to the e-mail.

The Cadet from the Air Force Academy sent the e-mail out with the intention of receiving a reply. He especially target Professor Kiresten as on of the many that would receive his e-mail. Professor Kiresten gave the cadet the reply he was looking for. The cadet didn't ask to be treated nicely in his replies. He sent an e-mail stating a certain point of view and professor Kiresten sent a reply stating his point of view.

The University suspended professors Kiresten because they said that his reply to the e-mail reflected the opinions of the University and made the school look bad. Even though He used his own personal e-mail account to reply to the e-mail.

I could see if the professor used his school e-mail account to reply that how it my have been seen as a reflection of the school, but not his personal account. His personal account is in no way linked to the University and is a free medium for communication. So therefore he should not be punished for this act.

I feel that professor Kiresten did the right thing by using his personal e-mail account. By using his personal account he was signifying that the replay was his own personal point of view and in no way linked to any other affiliation.

In higher forms of education teachers are given the right to teach their own religious and political views. So why should they be limited to what they can profess as their personal views outside the classroom...

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"Proffesors should be givin the right to say what they want." Sep 24, 2018
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essay on Proffesors should be givin the right to say what they want
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HI. Can you write my paper on Proffesors should be givin the right to say what they want
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