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"Proper SOcial Behaviour"
Proper SOcial Behaviour
Jason Cashmere
Sean Feucht

SS#: 1564

Humanities paper


I. Knowledge of Proper Social Behavior

Knowledge of proper social behavior is a definite skill for anyone who desires to be successful in any career they pursue. It doesn't matter what field you work in or what dream you chase, you will have to talk, deal, and build relationships with people along the way. How you treat these people and how you act around them will be the difference between mediocrity and excellence. It can be the very thing that gets you just enough edge to get that job or promotion. It can also simply be the legacy and the attitude you live by. The Bible speaks many times about excellence and teaches that we should always pursue it with all we have. We are a generation that is called to excellent. How can a businessman expect to be excellent in his corporate decisions, a teacher excellent in his teachings, or a pastor be excellent in shepparding his flock if he cannot even sit down to eat a dinner without eating like a slob and babbling on in utter nonsense? We are called to a higher standard and excellence starts with the small things first.

If we master the small things, then God will give us much. We must be excellent in our social behavior and dealings with people before we can expect to be given greater responsibilities. Everyone knows that as soon as success hits and you are involuntarily placed up on a high pedestal, people will begin to watch every breath you take. It is at these times that your social skills and things you learned earlier will shine through and you will be without fault in the smallest of things. If you do not have excellence already in these small things, then you will be exposed...

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