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"Race And You Community"
Race And You Community
Race and Your Community

Race and Your Community

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Cultural Diversity ETH/125

Judith Vandenberg

The racial issues can very from community to community; In Hampshire, where I lived there are very few issues, because we have very few minorities that live here. The issues that we hold are between groups of people that are of the same race, just different in who we are.

Just imagine coming to a place where you could have a wonderful life just to find out that people tend to look at you differently when you walk by, or go into a restaurant; you feel out of place. Then you find out there are very few people like you. So what makes this community different then other communities? Is it because in this small community almost all the people are the same; we live in a community where everyone is the same, we all look alike and talk alike,

the only difference is that some have better jobs or they drive better cars than others.

I had thought that there where people from all cultures living every where but I was wrong; not in this town. This town consists of almost only one race; it has more whites than any other race. This community does not have the different ethnic groups that live in most cities. Most of the places you go you will only see whites out on the streets, in the stores, at restaurants, even in the schools according to Public School Info there are 339 students enrolled at the local school with only one being of another race (Public School Info 2007). Going into a Mexican, or Chinese restaurant is the only place where you will find other cultures. According to the U.S. Census Bureau we have approximately 1247 people living in our town of...

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