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"Reflections Essay Sample"
Reflections Essay Sample
Andres Cisneros
"Karen!", she called, "what am I going to write my essay on!" I looked up to see Abby, my animated friend. I felt the corners of the mouth curl up into the familiar smile as she ran toward me and pressed a leaf into my palm. I looked at it for a moment before giving her a quizzical glance. "I picked it for some inspiration but it isn't helping," she said with a huff and a slight frown. I looked down at the crumpled foliage in my hand and turned it round in my fingers.

It's fascinating how every leaf is different. I looked at this one - it was a deep green moving into a hint of yellow along the edges. It was about to change. I thought of me - I was changing too and it was scary to no longer be that little girl I had grown used to but a young lady - eager to experience life and yet nervous of what that meant. Things get harder as one gets older and this leaf looked scared to change too - putting off the inevitable.

It had deep wrinkles all along it and as I looked at my hand I saw my wrinkles too. I traced the lines with my gaze as I do sometimes when I look into my grandmothers face. Each choice she had made had created a new line, a new memory, a new lesson.

It had a deep cut along one of these lines. I thought how heartbreak could do that to a person - cut so deep that it almost tears them in two. But we are one up on the leaves, I thought triumphantly. We can put the pieces back and stitch them so that they grow back together. I looked at the long...

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