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"roche brothers"
roche brothers
Anthony Pacella
Changing the scale of observation can change your perception of a place in many different ways: For example in Strasbourg France, this town is very united, and warfare has changed its nationality 5 times over the years. Another example is space exploration. Russia and the United States have united in space on more than one occasion. This unity has shown that there can be peace between the 2 of us. Another example of this lies near the Nile delta in Egypt. 95% of the people live near the delta. In the 1800's each person had roughly 1 acre of land, today each person has only 1/8 of that acre. This is largely in part because buildings now cover much of this land and there is a much greater population. All in all the perception of a place depends on many things: environment, economy, and religion. With these comes a greater understanding of geography and what effects it.Relative location is concerned with a feature as it relates to other features. Strasbourg's relative location has affected its industrialization in positive and negative ways. It has affected it's positively by the close location of it to the sea. This close location has giving it an unquestioned developmental advantage. They have constructed an intricate and efficient web of roads, railways, and canals to maximize its locational advantage. Water is everywhere in Strasbourg and the Rhine River is a huge source. Water plays a dual role in Strasbourg: assisting communication by canal transport routes as well as providing a natural defense.

Strasbourg's relative location can also negatively affect it. The climate in Strasbourg is not advantageous. The semi-continental climate favors the extremes; it is either very hot or very cold. These very different extremes make it very difficult to cultivate crops. But seeing that the soil...

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"roche brothers." Sep 25, 2018
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