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"Romeo and Juliet Essay Example"
Romeo and Juliet Essay Example
Gabrielle Gooch
William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet in 1595. It's about 'two star crossed lovers' from two equal standing households but the families have a history of feuding. The grudge between them creates a string of events, which cause the play to end in tragedy. A particularly important scene in the play is Act 3, scene 2. As a director I find this scene very interesting, as it is a life-changing scene. Prior to this scene Romeo kills Tybolt after Tybolt kills Mercutis when Mercutis taunts him to a fight. Romeo is then banished. Of course this news has not yet reached Juliet who is waiting for Romeo to come, as it is their wedding night. During this scene the nurse tells Juliet what has happened, this causes Juliet to doubt the trust between her and Romeo

The scene is set in Juliet's bedroom. It is early evening, just prior to the sun setting, it is still warm outside and Juliet has the balcony doors open. Juliet will wear a simple white dress, this shows modesty and purity, this is especially important as she is still a virgin. She is innocent and this is in contrast to Romeo who has just murdered her cousin Tybolt. Her hair will be loosely tied up, this is so later in the scene she can take it out in anguish and can demonstrate her rage. The main props she will use in the room is, her bed in the middle of the room, the balcony where she will look out from, in hope that Romeo will soon be coming. There will be a sofa type chair at the bottom of the bed. On the wall there will be a statue of Mary, this shows that Juliet comes from a religious background and is conscious of sins...

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essay on Romeo and Juliet Essay Example
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