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"Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper"
Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper
Helene Hannah
Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper

A Self-Assessment can form the foundation for anyone to examine their career and self-development opportunities, as it relates to their abilities, skills and personal style. A Self-Assessment is the art of performing an inner, in depth self-analysis of oneself as a whole or in a group. It can reveal your interests, desires, strengths, individuality, outlook, weak points, unique values, beliefs, abilities and also help explain why and how we effectively or ineffectually communicate with others. Knowing that a self-assessment will not tell me what career path to choose or what stocking or belt would go with a certain suit. But, it does, provide the necessary steps in helping me examine myself in determining me compatibility with career and self-development choices and options. It also provides the power to formulate strategies, which can market my group or myself effectively and help me make the best of my opportunities. It is said that the first step to any self-assessment is to analyze our career and planning processes. A Self-assessment is also known to take many forms from writing in journals to weekly self- evaluations. " There are any number of well-documented personality and stylistic qualities that will, in combination with the attributes of other people, likely create certain kinds of team dynamics. Some of these qualities could include introversion/extroversion, need for control, need for affiliation, need for power, need for achievement, dogmatism, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, learning style, and cognitive style and complexity." (2002)

To begin my first assessment I used the Myers Briggs Assessment, which helped me gather data about my inner emotional, mental and psychological behaviors. Myers Briggs Type Indicator Instrument "was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Cook Briggs. Their aim was to create a tool to indicate, validate, and put to practical use C.G....

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essay on Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper
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