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"Sir Issac Newton"
Sir Issac Newton
Chad Boger
Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642 in Lincolnshire by Hannah Newton and Isaac Newton Senior. Sir Isaac Newton was a baby who got off as a weak little child grew up to have one of the best minds of all time (Minds Of Science, J. Anderson pg 7).

Sir Isaac's first college was Trinity College at Cambridge. He wasn't as successful in his first few years at this college because he preferred to go into his own studies and interest instead of the professors. Newton's turning point came when he stopped attending Trinity College and transferred to Cambridge University. In years of 1665-1666 Newton became most successful for his inventions, mathematics and philosophy. In mathematics Newton conceived his "method of fluxions" (infitesimal calculus) and he laid the foundations for his theory of light and color. He also made great philosophies about the planetary motion and gravity. Newton's achievements contributed to great things we build and base on today.

He made many fundamental contributions to analytic geometry, algebra, and calculus. Newton's optical research began during his undergraduate years at Cambridge. In 1666 Newton performed a number of experiments on composition of light ( Newton's main discovery was that visible white light is heterogeneous or colors that can be considered primary. Newton demonstrated that prisms separated colors. All this linked into his famous experiment called "experimentum crucis". This experiment just proved that colors going through first prisms can't go through another twice (

Newton's most famous book is the "Principia". This masterpiece is divided into 3 books. Book I talks about Newton's laws of motion.

1.Everybody continues in its state of rest, unless it is compelled to change by inertia.

2. The change in motion is proportional to the force impressed and is made in the direction of the straight line in...

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