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"Socialism: How can it benefit the African Americans?"
Socialism: How can it benefit the African Americans?
Jennifer Valles
Could one ever imagine a world where a small percentage of people do not dominate in the cooperate world but every individual, even an African American, is practically equal? Could one imagine a world where Bill Gates' worth is as much as the poorest African American individual? Could one ever imagine a world where African Americans would benefit and be instrumental as much as other races in the economy? There would be no dominate individual or race, but the nation will be stronger and the economy would be stronger financially. This may only seem as a dream at first, but such a world is possible and closer than one may think. A world where no one person has more power than the next and money has virtually no value may seem as a ludicrous idea to some, but it is a great idea to others. This great idea is called Socialism.

Socialism is defined as the ownership of exploitable capital and means of production by the government, not by individuals or by private enterprise. This means that no one person could benefit personally within the economy. Common ownership will do away with the need for exchange, so that money will have no use. In the African American community, money is a major issue. Young African Americans often sale drugs for the need of money and other African Americans kill one another for the want of money. If the idea of socialism came into an existence, money would no longer be an issue and drugs and murder for money will decrease in the African American community.

People on the basis of social need, not profit, will determine the production of products in a socialist economy. At the moment people may need wealth but, unless they can afford to buy it, they must go...

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Hi!!! Write my essay on Socialism: How can it benefit the African Americans?
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