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"Soviet foreign policy in 20-30's was more practical than ideological"
Soviet foreign policy in 20-30's was more practical than ideological
Asare Mabel
Soviet foreign policy in the 1920's and 1930's was more practical than ideological. Do you agree?

In order to properly assess this question we must understand the nature of the Soviet foreign policy within these two decades. When observing the events of this time we can see that a duality of policy existed within the USSR. One was the obvious ideological policy and the other a more discreet practical policy. During the 1920s USSR's foreign policy seemed very ideological, however in reality there were several concealed examples of more practical actions. As time continued throughout the 1930s USSR's foreign policies did not only become more apparent but also more practical and less ideological.

The USSR entered the 1920's with a rather traditional policy, stressing the importance of the global revolutionary movement. This was embodied in the Comintern established in 1919. The Comintern or Communist international was introduced with the mission of encouraging global revolutions. Communists worldwide were called to infiltrate armed forces, factories and villages in capitalist countries, to support colonial revolts, and to mainly support Soviet Russia. As a foreign policy this affected many Western European democratic countries that feared that the Comintern might actually succeed in starting a revolution and therefore disrupt the balance of power. Another example of an ideological policy was USSR's relationship to China. A small Chinese Communist party was formed in Shanghai. Even though the Comintern had ideological aims it used a practical method to achieve them. This was done by advising the Communist party to ally with the Chinese Nationalist party. This peculiar allegiance was needed to fight against foreign influence and armed warlords who ruled China at the time. This policy turned out to be a catastrophe. After several successes in Northern China, the Nationalists turned on their allies killing thousands of Communists in...

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"Soviet foreign policy in 20-30's was more practical than ideological." Aug 14, 2018
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essay on Soviet foreign policy in 20-30's was more practical than ideological
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Hello!! I need an essay on Soviet foreign policy in 20-30's was more practical than ideological
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