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"St. Patrick's Day Informative Speech"
St. Patrick's Day Informative Speech
Carmen hershman
St. Patrick's Day

General Purpose: To inform.

Specific Purpose: To inform about St. Patrick's Day

Thesis: To inform about St. Patrick, the history of the holiday, and the Americanized traditions of St. Patrick's Day.

The intro

I. How many of you are Irish? How many of you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

A. You don't have to be Irish anymore to celebrate this holiday.

II. Many different types of people from all over the world celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

A. Celebrating of St. Patrick's Day now occurs in different countries all over the world not only in Ireland but including; America, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Australia, Canada.

III. My family comes from Ireland and I have done a lot of research on the topic for you, as I find it very interesting.

A. My grandpa and grandma came to America from Ireland in 1910.

IV. Today I hope to give you more informate about St. Patrick, the history of the holiday, and the Americanized traditions of St. Patrick's Day.

The body

I. Who was St. Patrick?

A. His real name was Maewyn.

B. He was born in Britain in 389 AD into wealthy parents.

C. At around 16 years of age Maewyn was taken prisoner by Irish Raiders to work as a Shepard.

1. He was working outdoors and alone throughout his 6 years as a Shepard so he turned to his religion (Christianity) as a solace.

D. Maewyn is said to have had a dream, where God spoke to him.

1. In this dream Maewyn said that God was telling him it was time to leave.

E. At this point Maewywn escaped back to Britain, to do this he had to walk nearly 200 miles.

F. After this he has another dream in which an angel tells him to return to Ireland as missionary.

1. While he was in Britian he started his religious training which lasted 15 years, and was ordained as...

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