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"STanislavaski... realistic acting"
STanislavaski... realistic acting
Shelia Olander
Stanislavski created phrases such as "stage direction", laid the foundations of modern opera and gave instant renown to the works of such talented writers and playwrights. His process of character development, the "Stanislavski Method", was the catalyst for method acting- arguably the most influential acting system on the modern stage and screen. Such renowned schools of acting and directing as the Group Theatre and The Actors Studio are a legacy of Stanislavski's pioneering vision.

Body Language is a form of non-verbal expression. There are several different elements of body language each having their own range of interior attitudes and emotions. These elements include:

POSTURE- this creates impressions hence the way we sit, stand and move.

GESTURE- these simple ways in which we move our hands and feet express general feelings that may be hidden or obvious.

FACIAL EXPRESSIONS- our faces express feelings most out of any body part. It's in our eyes and mouth that these feelings are created.

The extra ordinary process of empathy is that in which the non-verbal communication sends and receives messages, it involves the ability to understand and feel the emotions being experienced by others. At on stage there was a monologue about an imaginary horse and the rider would pat and kiss the horse, expressing great respect for it.

Sometimes we recall feelings that we have experienced previous in our lives at a particular time or event. It's this feeling and emotion which brings emotional memory to life. Emotional memory is needed in cases which the actor has no previous experience. So they imagine how they would feel in this type of situation and trigger back old memories to when they once felt that type of emotion. This skill enhances communication and quick emotion acting.

In my monologue I play Laura a lady in her 20's to 30's that is "the...

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