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"Stem Cell Research Paper Sample"
Stem Cell Research Paper Sample
Margaret Rowden
Stem cells look to be nothing more than a hollow sphere composed of a clump of tiny,

roundish balls. In reality, they are much more than that. Those 40 cells contain all the

potential to become a living, breathing human being. Many scientists believe that these

cells also have the potential to cure a myriad of diseases, including Alzheimer's disease,

Parkinson's disease, diabetes, and many others. The cells of the four day old human

embryo can be programmed to become virtually any cell in the body making them a very

valuable commodity. All this sounds very promising until one realizes the cost of

acquiring these miracle cells. Gathering stem cells from human embryos can be looked

at as nothing less that taking a life. (Begley 23)

There are multiple reasons that the government should not fund research on

embryonic stem cells but the most important has got to be the inevitable destruction of

life involved. What good is saving lives when they are being taken at the same time?

How much since does that make? Who are we to decide whether these embryos get their

chance at life or not? Making a decision like that is playing God. Pure and simple. We

don't even know for sure that stem cells can live up to the expectations that scientists

have for them. That fact makes stem cell research nothing more than a gamble that

might save some lives, but will definitely cost some in the process. Can it really be worth


Even if stem cells could turn out to be the miracle cure that scientists hope they

are, think of the effect on the population and economy. Imagine what it would be like if

there was a sharp increase in the elderly population. Perhaps two or three times the

number of citizens eligible for social security. The drain that such an occurrence would

put on the economy is almost immeasurable. It would...

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