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"Structure of a paper"
Structure of a paper
John Mayes
The last time I wrote something that took time and effort and it was not assigned in class was when I answered the essay question for the application form to get into BGSU. I chose to write about how living in Europe these last seven years has affected my perspective on life and me as a person. I did not do anything before I started writing my essay. I usually just plan out a short outline of just some ideas about what I have to write in the paper and then start writing. But for this assignment I just choose to start writing and to keep reading over my work and changing things until I was content. Sometimes I like to use a brainstorming web to formulate my ideas. Although, before I even started writing my essay for BGSU I talked to my college counselor from the school about my idea. She told me it was good and offered a little advise about how I should write the paper. Once I completed the paper and I felt it was of a good standard I gave the BGSU essay to my college counselor to look over. She gave it back to me with very little corrections and said that it was good. I then went over it one last time before printing it off to put into my application for BGSU.

Often when I am writing a paper, I will re-read my sentences and grammatical structure and decide that I don't like it or that I could phrase it better. So I often re-write and change my sentences when writing a paper, as I did for my application essay. I also like to try and read my paper when I have written it to make sure everything sounds good and flows together....

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"Structure of a paper." Sep 24, 2018
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essay on Structure of a paper
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