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"Studying Skills"
Studying Skills
Tamara Moore
Life as a student is hectic, balancing university time, study time, work as well as fitting in social & recreational activities is a delicate operation. I have learned in order to be successful there has to be some degree of organisation. The purpose of this report is to outline my approach to study in higher education, i.e. the techniques I used to ensure I meet all my personal, social and academic goals while I am in this hectic period of my life.

Objectives of The Report:
  • To outline the time management techniques I have used in higher education to achieve my goals
  • To outline the research techniques I used to produce my discussion article
  • To outline the communications techniques I used when delivering my presentation
  • To outline the study skills techniques I used to produce my discussion article.

1.0. Time Management

For me the most important resource to organise is time. I have discovered if I can do this I give myself a much better chance of fulfilling my goals. For me Lakein sums it up best.

"Time is life. It is irreversible and irreplaceable. To waste your time is to waste your life, but to master your time is to master your life and make the most of it." (A. Lakein, 1984, p 1).

1.1. Higher Education Time Management Technique

I have employed many techniques to aid me in my quest to 'master' time. Many of which have developed through trial and error.

My three main techniques are keeping a diary, timetabling, scheduling.

1.1.1. Keeping A Diary

At the beginning of the year I purchased my first ever diary as I anticipation the need for organisation. This would be my academic diary, (see appendix 1 for sample pages). This diary has proved invaluable.

Throughout my whole school life I never used a diary, this meant I was constantly missing...

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essay on Studying Skills
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