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"Summary of Hobbit by Tolkien"
Summary of Hobbit by Tolkien
Jason Cashmere
Chapter 1: Bilbo, the main character, is introduced and he meets the wizard Gandalf who want Bilbo to go on a adventure. Bilbo says no and invites Gandalf to tea to be polite. Gandalf comes back with some dwarves and Bilbo gets talked into going on an adventure.

Chapter 2: Bilbo wakes up and finds a note telling him to meet the dwarves. He leaves and meets up with them and they start on the adventure. They see a light in the distance and Bilbo goes and find out there are trolls and he tries to steel something from them and he gets caught. He escapes and later they find a cave and take food and swords from it.

Chapter 3: Their journey continues and they find they are low of supplies. They stock up on supplies and Bilbo and Thorin and told are told about the swords that they found. They also are told that there map has moon writing on it and that on a certain night the light will show them a secret entrance. They then continue on there Journey.

Chapter 4: After staying in Rivendell, the adventures start their long climb through the misty mountains. They find shelter in a cave and then Bilbo sees there houses disappear into a crack in the wall. He yells and at the horses but he gets the attention of goblins and he gets captured. Gandalf then helps then escape and while they are running Bilbo gets knocked unconscious.

Chapter 5: When Bilbo wakes up he finds himself in a dark room and he finds a ring and takes it. Bilbo meets Gollum and they play a riddle games, if Gollum wins he gets to eat Bilbo, if Bilbo wins Gollum will have to show him the way out. Gollum loses then tries to...

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