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Write my essay on
"the club "david williamson""
the club "david williamson"
Darren McCutchen
Art Essay

'Artists interpretations of the world are constrained by their time and place'. To answer this we have to analyse the statement and find out what it means. It means that artists works are constricted to where they are and when.

To discuss this statement I will be using the Bahaus period. Bahaus started when Walter Gropius founded and art school in Weimer, Germany called Bahaus. Bahaus was a time period where artists used wood, glass, fabrics and metal to build basic forms such as chairs and other furniture. Another first that Bahaus started was mass production. One of the ways that Bahaus suffered was because they had little to no support from the public, at one stage , they were even branded communists. Because Bahaus broke out of what was right and socially accepted at the time the local people of Weimer did not support Bahaus. The student apprentices were dubbed the 'Radical Art Student' because they listened to weird music, strong outlandish dress and long hair. Bahaus specialised in furniture, and in 1923 built and furnished a whole house influenced by Bahaus.

The first set back for Bahaus was when the national socialist party grew stronger and Bahaus lost support and closed. This limited the artists because at this time they had no place to produce there art and teach the students. In 1925 they got enough money to build a school in Dessau, which Gropius designed. The lack of public and political support was taking its toll on bahaus. The Nazis gained control of the city council in 1933 and Bahaus was abolished.

The lack of support for bahaus hampered the funding, which could have been used to research and find new technology, and use proper equipment. You have to ask yourself, what could have been achieved in Bahaus if...

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essay on the club "david williamson"
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Good morning, Write my essay on the club "david williamson"
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