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"The Debate Has Been Miscast From The Start - Persuasive or Not"
The Debate Has Been Miscast From The Start - Persuasive or Not
Andres Cisneros
Persuasive, No?

In the essay ¡°The Debate Has Been Miscast From The Start¡±, Henry Louis Gates Jr., explains that the idea and what is thought to be by people over the debate of multiculturalism has been wrong form the start. He attempts to explain his thoughts and views as to what multiculturalism is and where, exactly, the problem is on why there is a distorted view of multiculturalism. Gates first points out what we have been told about multiculturalism and gives examples of the, in accordance to him, the wrong meaning of it. He backs his statement by saying that schoolteachers and scholars have even realized the problem and have responded. Gates also makes a very good point to back why there is a problem by stating, ¡°After all, if multiculturalism is just a pretty name for ethnic chauvinism, who needs it?¡± (Gates 385). Then he leads into his definition of and reasoning for multiculturalism. As an opening to an essay, Gates has already persuaded me to read on and asked valid questions that provoked me to learn more about. By starting with the problem, giving solid facts and giving solutions on what can be done to correct it show that his thoughts are well organized. These points and thoughts make this essay not only persuasive but eye opening too.

Gates is trying to get across the point as to why multiculturalism is important and what we think it means. He asks very good questions in his essay that makes you think and persuades you to believe in what he is saying. One question that stood out most to me was the one which is referred to as ¡°the time-tested question in universities¡± (Gates 385). The question that Gates is referring to is ¡°What does it mean to be an American?¡±(Gates 385)....

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"The Debate Has Been Miscast From The Start - Persuasive or Not." Aug 17, 2018
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essay on The Debate Has Been Miscast From The Start - Persuasive or Not
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