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"The Education Model"
The Education Model
Alyscia Yellowman
Jazz and education are not as unrelated as one might think. Although they seem different on the surface, the very things that make up jazz and education are one and the same. Education exemplifies the elements of the jazz model. Obviously the community exists in and of the classroom, with the students and the teacher creating the energy, and they themselves embodying the other elements of jazz.

The most common place for education to take place is in the classroom. The fact that a community that exists between the teacher and the individual students is blatant to anyone who is able to observe the relationships that form during a class. During any normal class period, the students are almost guaranteed to interact amongst themselves, and are of course forced to interact on at least a minimal level with the teacher of the class. This interaction on an individual and group level forms a sense of community in the class room, and as with living communities, each class is different depending on the type of people in the class and their personalities, as well as the personality of the teacher.

The energy possessed by an educator is very important to the learning process, just as the energy created in jazz music is important to how the music is taken as an art form. For example, if a teacher stalks into the classroom with a scowl on their face and yells at the students, it is obviously not as conductive to learning as if the teacher had walked into class and started making jokes to catch the student's attention. This parallels jazz in that jazz must possess a good driving energy in order to be taken well and be pleasant to listen to.

Communication is also essential to having a successful educational experience. In jazz,...

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