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"The effects of the school days on the Indian girl"
The effects of the school days on the Indian girl
Shelia Olander
People often make the mistake of having too high of an expectation. This is exactly what happens with Zitkala-Sa from School days of an Indian girl. She started a journey with high expectations and was full of excitements. However , she was forced to face the cruel reality of disappointment, which brought on loss of confidence, fear, and hidden anger , causing her to be disobedient.

The habit of staring at people does not always give out positive messages. One of it's effect is making the person being stared at lose his or her self confidence. Zitkala-Sa at the beginning was eager to go to the red apple because she thought that she will be happy. However, when she went on the train everyone was staring at her as if she was something strange. The story did not mention how Zitkala-Sa felt towards the people who were staring at her, but definitely questions like is there something wrong with me? Am I that ugly? do they hate Indian girls ? would always be on her mind. Questions of this type may result in low self esteem that significantly reduces her chance of success in life. So no matter how badly she may want something, her lack of self esteem will work against her to determine all her efforts. That is why Zitkala-Sa could not speak out and ask the people for the reason of them staring at her. Which means that she is suffering from lack of confidence, and that is when someone does not believe in themselves or trust their abilities.

Forcing a child to do something they do not want to do would definitely have a negative effect on them. Especially if that something does not harm them when they choose not to do it. Judewin told Zitkala-Sa that the...

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