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""The End Justifies the Means":A Last Resort"
"The End Justifies the Means":A Last Resort
Sylvia Schiavoni

Regardless of the fact that even his name has come to be equated with cunning and political manipulation in modern times. Machiavelli himself was uniquely committed to furthering the agenda of what he thought of as a "true" leader. His books, The Discourses and The Prince, are, in fact, devoted to endeavoring to discover the laws of political behavior that lead to success in political action. The Prince, which is his most renowned work, centers on the principle that justifies the definition that: The Prince is a handbook for tyrants about obtaining and retaining political power at any cost ---that is, "the end justifies the means". From this principle, Machiavelli establishes a number of "rules" he perceived vital to the obtaining and retaining process of a successful state. His aim was to persuade the monarch that he could best preserve his power by using violence carefully and economically, by respecting the persons, property, and traditions of his subjects, and by promoting material prosperity.

The Prince begins by classifying the types of principalities, how one wins them over and how to hold on to them. Machiavelli cautions princes to be prudent in their hunt for glory and wealth. According to him, when taking over a municipality one must do only two things, kill the previous prince and his whole family and do not change the current laws and taxes. Once you take over a country and kill the prince and his family, it is easy to rule: there is no one to fear. Abstaining from changing their old rules will save you from the hostility that will arise from the people. However, if it isn't possible for you to do so, Machiavelli proposes a number of ways to pacify the colony into submission. According to him, in order to achieve this...

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""The End Justifies the Means":A Last Resort." Sep 22, 2018
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