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"The Good Terrorist a brief summary"
The Good Terrorist a brief summary
Jack Drewes
Doris Lessing published her first novel in 1950. which was a great success, and since then her reputation flourished.

The Good Terrorist was published in 1985. in Great Britain and it is one of Lessing's most realistic books. It was shortlisted for 1985. Booker Prize and it was the winner of 1986. W.H. Smith Literary award.

The book talks about the lives of a group of young people during the 1980s, who thought they were fighting for better lives for them all and felt contempt for middle-class people who had so ordinary lives. But the main character is Alice Mellings who has, as a little girl, lived with her parents in a big house, but later distanced herself from them, became a revolutionary and started going to demonstrations and pickets. There she met Jasper who was different than her and a bit odd, but he became her friend and the man she loved. They joined the C.C.U. (Communist Centre Union) and lived in squats, in houses which were usually shabby, dirty, with no electricity, but they didn't mind because they only cared about their goals.

For 15 years Alice has been friends with Jasper and she would follow him everywhere. So they joined a squat in London in a house which was pretty much ruined from the inside. They had no electricity, gas, hot water and the lavatories were cemented. It could all be fixed, but no one cared, they all made peace with the Council's decision to run down the place: Bert and Pat who were a couple, Jim who lived there because he had no other place to go, Roberta and Faye who were also a couple. Not even Jasper, it seemed to Alice. Because no one was at work, Alice asked a neighbour Phillip to fix the house and she...

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essay on The Good Terrorist a brief summary
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