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"The Great Awakening"
The Great Awakening
Gina Allred
The Great Awakening was a series of religious rivals that swept over the American colonies during the middle of the 18th century, which resulted in many doctrinal changes. There are three main factors associated with the Great Awakening: the issues that helped begin the revivals, the people involved in them, and the end impact it had on the colonies of the New World. Unlike England, these revivals would prove to be absolute religious freedom for every religion.

First, the Great Awakening was a religious movement during the 1730's and 1740's in which ministers presented powerful messages of salvation. At first churches were usually the center of a town used for worship, business, and social gatherings. The ministers were much more than preacher, but were served as doctors, teachers, and even counselors. Settlements began to grow rapidly, both in number and in size. The church was unable to meet the demands of the colonist that had spread out across the land due to difficulties in communication. Traveling preachers began to travel throughout the colonies and to preach about God anywhere they can. They began to preach liberal ideas from the traditional thoughts of each religion. The doctrines of the Arminians began to believe that man determines his own salvation, not God. This was an ideas not even fathomed before the movement.

Second, preacher defined the Great Awakening. The beginning of the movement appeared among Presbyterians in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Led be the Tennent—a Scot-Irish immigrant and his four sons whom were all clergymen—they not only initiated the revivals, but they also helped to train preachers to bring sinners to experience evangelical conversion. Jonathan Edwards was perhaps the most profound theological mind in America. He began the idea of believing in salvation through good works and confirmed the need for dependence on God's...

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