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"The Great Depression"
The Great Depression
Sean Wilson
Looking back in history the one thing that caught my eye was the great depression. I wanted to learn more and get a better understanding of exacting what was the great depression. Even though I have learned about it in other history classes. I never really understood of what happen or what cause the depression and that is why I choice to do my research paper on this particular topic. After doing this research paper it help me to understand what was the real cause of the great depression for example I learn one cause was the crash of the stock market. I also learn that many people were unemployed due to the depression and how many businesses went under. The great depression and the things I learn from it is relate to the topics of this course is by jobs and unemployment. Due to the budgets cuts in work forces a lot of people are unemployed and if it keeps continuing I believe there just might be another great depression.

When I was doing my research paper the Internet was my best source to get my information because there are so many sites you can go to and each sites provides you with enough information that you need about any topic. The way I choice the site I wanted information for my paper was the one who provided me with the most information about my topic. I believe my information I have got is reliable and the way I know is because what I have learn before about the topic in other classes matches with my sources on the internet and with all the sources I have use they will be primary.

The Great Depression was the worst time in history for everyone. It was the worst financial slump ever in...

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essay on The Great Depression
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