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"the grimm vs disney"
the grimm vs disney
Alyscia Yellowman
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Ms. MacDonald

20 May 2003

Every Girls Dream: An Anaylsis of The Tale of Cinderella Through Time and Culture

Remember back to sitting in a large circle in kidergarten. The game is Telephone; the game starts with the first person whispering a phrase in to the next person's ear and that person repeats the phrase into the next, and so on and so forth. When it come to the last person the line stops and they say the sentence aloud and it usually ends up being much different then that of the what the first person said. The more people in the cicle the more distorted your phrase becomes. This is the best metaphor to use when describing what happens to fairy tales as they cross through cultures and generations: although the character, plot, or moral (s) stays the same the detail of the story changes to suit the current society. Fairy tales as we know them today are much different then they used to be, originally fairy tales were meant for adult audiences and were not intended for children's ears for they contained gruesome acts, and sexual conduct. It was not until the Victorian era that fairy tales became stories meant for children. Also it wasn't until the Victorian era that the fairy tales were told by men, prior to this era, fairy tales were told and written by educated women, the Victorian era brought about middle class men writing fairy tales, and even still many of them admitted to collecting or being inspired by women for their tales. This is when most of the drastic "cleaning up" of the stories took place, and this process of sweetening up has continued in to the present. One of the world's most famous fairy tales of all time is Cinderella a...

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"the grimm vs disney." Sep 25, 2018
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essay on the grimm vs disney
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