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"The hamster."
The hamster.
Asare Mabel
This four page essay examines the differing design paradigms of the modern American and British home. From the sparseness of the British conservative house to the amenity rich retreat of comfortable American living, the essay examines the differing amenities in the similar architectural designs. It is explained in the essay that although the look of the homes are similar the materials used in construction and decorating are very different; as a result of different economic availabilities. In conclusion the essayist states that the differing design paradigms express the differences in the two cultures.

This four page outline of the story "An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge", is based during the Civil War, and follows the tragedy that befalls Peyton Farquhar after his capture by the Yanks. He is to hang for treason, off the Bridge, and after the noose is in place he "is in full possession of his preternaturally keen and alert senses, which his organic system has so exalted and refined them that they recorded things never before perceived". His mind went into nirvana, peace, as he paid one last visit to his family.

As a man is about to die by hanging, his life flashes before his eyes, and that is the focus of this two page review of "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge". He is so inspired, by the memory of his wife, that he breaks free, and the majority of the story is his rope burn hurting around his neck, his thirst, and his memories of his family, keep him on the rough road to home. He arrives and sees his wife again, making readers very happy that he percevered, then he suddenly dies - by hanging.

A great two page paper that reviews the story "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge", about a man being hanged....

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"The hamster.." Jul 19, 2018
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essay on The hamster.
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