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""The History of Origami""
"The History of Origami"
Rheannon Androckitis
The technique of paper making was intoduced into Japan from China during the early seventh century. When the Japanese began making paper, it improved, because it was made sturdy and soft and it didn't rip when it was handled. The name of the paper was washi, and that unique type of paper inspired many forms of cultural creativity, among them origami.

The date of the origination of origami is unknown. However, a record was kept of the letters and wrapping paper that were first folded. During the rise of the samurai society, the art of paper folding for practical and formal purposes rose as well. An example of the way origami was once used can still be seen in the noshi, a decoration of folded red and white paper attached to a gift.

Origami that is made to look like a crane or boat, for instance, is retorted as origami for entertainment. However, They may have been used in the past for the purpose of taking the people's mind off of their illnesses. They began to be made sometime around the beginning of the Edo period which shared the time of an age in which mass-produced, low-priced paper came to be widely used among the people.

During the Genroku era, origami of the crane and many varieties of boats used as designs on clothing became fashionable, and they were also replicated abundantly in Ukiyoe prints. Origami became wide-spread and used more during this time.

About a hundred years later, books and such were published that were devoted exclusively to origami, which created a differeniated and mature form of origami. They were not only a form of children's amusement, but because they were also intended for adults, many of these origami were difficult to make and incorporated many complicated steps.

The technique of creating paper was...

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