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"The Iroquois Explain How the World Begins on a Turtle's Back"
The Iroquois Explain How the World Begins on a Turtle's Back
Raymon Androckitis
In the beginning there was no world, no land, no creatures of the kind that are around us now, and there were no men. But there was a great ocean which occupied space as far as anyone could see. Above the ocean was a great void of air. And in the air lived the birds of the sea; in the ocean lived the fish and the creatures of the deep. Far above this unpeopled world, there was a Sky-World. Here lived gods who were like people-like Iroquois.

In this world there was a man who had a wife who was expecting a child. She became hungry for all kinds of strange delicacies as women do when they are with a child. In the middle of the Sky-World there grew a tremendous Great Tree which, was not supposed to be marked or mutilated by any of the beings who dwelt in the Sky-World. It had enormous roots that spread out from the floor of the Sky-World. On its branches there were many different kinds of leaves and different kinds of fruits and flowers.

The woman told the man she wanted some bark from one of the roots of the Great Tree for reasons unknown. He knew doing this would be wrong, but she insisted and he gave in. The floor of the Sky-World wasn't very thick, and as he dug, he broke a hole through it. He was scared and wouldn't get any of the roots for her, so she went to get them herself. She saw the hole and stuck her head through it and saw the ocean far below and somehow fell through the hole. She managed to grab some of the roots at the bottom of the tree before she started falling towards the sea. The birds of the sea...

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