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"The man from the moon"
The man from the moon
Raymon Androckitis
Certainty at last! So many nights my body has begged for sleep but my mind has not been indulgent. The hours I have daydreamed away pondering infinite possibilities. But now finally, I know exactly what I want to do. I want to study law and practice in the field of international law.

The strangest part is, I have been following this path all along. I studied languages, traveled exhaustively and interested myself in all legal issues. Everyone I know has suggested law school at least once. "You would be such a great lawyer", is a phrase that I often heard all too often. Yet, I never wanted to make such a commitment without really being sure.

When I was hired by the French government to teach English I knew it was a wonderful opportunity, but not a career. It is for that very reason that I reluctantly declined their request to return for a second year. Upon returning to the United States I tried my hand in everything from restaurant management to coaching tennis, but nothing seemed to fit.

So, I would stay up at night wondering why I could not decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I imagined myself in thousands of different careers yet; I could make up my mind with any degree of certainty. My family would tell me "You can accomplish anything you set your mind to". Yet, somehow that cliché is rather discouraging whey you cannot find anything to set your mind to.

Then all of a sudden I knew. No, I did not want to go to law school just because everyone said that I should. I wanted to start a career in an area that encompassed all of my interests and fortes. For so long I searched for a career that incorporated my...

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"The man from the moon." Jul 19, 2018
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