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"The Nazi Party Were not to blame for the Riechstage Fire"
The Nazi Party Were not to blame for the Riechstage Fire
Chad Boger
" The Nazis had nothing to do with the burning of the Reichstag. The young Dutchman, Van der Lubbe, did it all alone, exactly as he claimed. Hitler and the other Nazis were taken by surprise. They genuinely believed that the Communists had started the fire, and they introduced the Enabling Law because they believed absolutely that they were threatened with a communist rising."

1. The Communists were blamed for the fire according to sources 1,2,3,4,5. Here is the evidence I have found to support this. In source 1 Von Papen's diary it is clear that Goering is convinced that " this is a Communist crime against the new Government." The newspaper reporter Delmer reporting in "der Spiegel" is also firm in his recording of the exchanges between Goering and Hitler, Goering informed Hitler that it was "undoubtedly the work of the Communists." And that several of the Communists were present at the Reichstag before the fire started. Delmer also tells us that whilst Hitler appeared initially unconvinced of Communist involvement in the fire, he was eager to believe that the Communists were responsible. Goebbel's diaries record details of his opinion of the fire, he is plain, there is again, "no doubt that the Communists" are to blame. The Nazis said it was an attempt to seize power by creating an atmosphere of panic. They also believed that Van der Lubbe was one of a number of communist arsonists responsible for the crime. "The Times" newspaper Source 4, reports using a communication from the Prussians, in which very emotive language is used. "…The most outrageous act yet committed by Bolshevism…" Diels in Source 5 tells in his memoirs of the fire and reports Hitler's reaction to the scene quite emotively. Hitler is screaming in rage about his desire to have all...

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"The Nazi Party Were not to blame for the Riechstage Fire." Sep 24, 2018
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essay on The Nazi Party Were not to blame for the Riechstage Fire
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