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"The Polite Principle and its application in education"
The Polite Principle and its application in education
Gelinde Cobbs

According to Grice¡¯s theory, people follow the Cooperative Principle in conversation. But actually because of the politeness£¬we communicate usually more than we say explicitly. In this paper, through the introduction of the Cooperative Principle and its violation, this paper further discusses the Polite Principle and its application in conversation, and introduces how to adhere to the Polite Principle to save face for each other and develop the conversation. What¡¯s more important, this paper further discusses the importance of the Polite Principle and poses the methods of obeying the Polite Principle in education. The investigation of this aspect has its profound value in contemporary education.

Key words: the Cooperative Principle, the Polite Principle, the face-saving theory, education

The Polite Principle and Its Application in Education


Traditionally, teachers and school administrators make decisions and rules, and then impose them on students. But contemporary education requires the new relationship between teachers and students. In this new type of relation, teachers and students enjoy the equal status. The responsibility of teachers is to build the bridge that leads the students to success. The students are both the object and the subject of education. They are also sociable and thinking, not just the ¡°products¡± of education. So in order to make the students be educated, they should first be respected. But in what way the students can be respected?

P.Grice¡¯s theory of Cooperative Principle claims that we should follow the principle to develop our conversations. But we can¡¯t notice that the speakers often violate them. Why? In their research, Brown and Levinson found that was because of politeness. In order to cooperative in our communication, people should follow the Polite Principle to save face for the others. For the cooperation of education, teachers should also be polite to give the respect to the students. That¡¯s to say, the Polite...

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essay on The Polite Principle and its application in education
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