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"The Political Agenda Behind The Atomic Bomb"
The Political Agenda Behind The Atomic Bomb
Novelett Roberts
Many began their normal routine, as a flash brighter than a thousand suns illuminated the sky. At eight fifteen on August 6th, an American bird flew thousands of feet above the land, planting an egg which would affect the world's history forever. The wind changed directions several times, as the intensity of the explosion increased; leaving everything that lay in its way, crushed and burned by the deadly radiation which lingered through the stagnant air. Heat rays reached thousands of degrees, as the land was transformed to a pile of rubble in a matter of minutes. America repeated their methods of mass destruction three days later, plowing through yet another city. Not until years later did the scope of these events come to light.

Months before America executed their attack on Japan there was a meeting between the Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson, and President Truman. Their discussions on April 25th, 1945 dealt more with the long-range political meaning, rather than the actual military use of the bomb. This was the first time President Truman had been told of the atomic bomb, for it had been kept a secret up until this point. Stimson reported to the President that within four months they would in all probability have completed the worst weapon ever known in human history, a bomb which would destroy a whole city within minutes. He proceeded to explain how they shared the development with the United Kingdom, but controlled the resources at that time, and no other nation would be able to reach their position for several years. Nevertheless it would be impossible to hold that position forever, for many scientists in various countries knew pieces of the discovery and process needed to create the bomb, but they did not retain enough of the full process to...

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